Aisle Tape Usage For A Better Working Environment

A working place is always harmonious and productive if its workers are subjected to the right conditions. You should note that proper working conditions don’t only involve adequate working hours and a proper pay. It also includes safety conditions that enable the workers to protect themselves from any harm while on duty. One of the best ways to enhance safety in a work place is by using communication signs and markings. Some of the most common and popular communication signs used in work places include pipe Marking labels, Industrial Floor Sign, aisle marking, floor marking and floor signs.

Aisle tapes in particular are very effective and ideal ways of marking out dangerous sections and communicating to employees. They are actually ideal in a way that they have displaced the used of regular paint. Aisle tapes are often utilized in industry floors, warehouses and pathways.

Aisle tape Usage for a better working environment

What Are Different Codes Of Colors Used On Aisle Tape?

Aisle markings come in a variety of colors. You should however note that the different colors are not as a sense of style of beauty but are a sense of communicating different messages. Each color symbolizes and conveys a different method. You should try and inform new staff of the different messages conveyed by the aisle marking tapes. Make sure that the colors are always bright and visible. Remove any aisle tape that seems to have a faded color.  This is because the faded color might send out a different message and bring about confusions or harm to the workers. Some of the common aisle marking tape colors includes

  • Black and white aisle marking tapes: often utilized on stairways
  • Red and white aisle marking tapes: they are used to symbolize dangers of fires. They are sometimes used to mark areas where you can find firefighting tools such as fire extinguishers. The location of a fire exit or fire alarm is often marked with red and white aisle markings for easier identification
  • Black and yellow aisle markings tapes: yellow is a color that is often used to warn or caution people against various risks or hazards. They can be place where the floor is slippery or in a place where the staircase is weak and you might fall while using it. They are also used to seclude areas that should be accessed due to potential risks.
  • Green and white aisle marking tapes: these types of aisle markings are use to show where safety equipments are stored. These colored tapes are often found near first aid kits.


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