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5S Guide: What is 5S?

5S is a systematic approach that brings greater organization to your workplace or your company. Many companies today, because of greater competition, are now looking searching for a more competitive edge. If you are looking for something that will reduce overall costs as well as increase your sales and make your company more agile in an ever-changing business environment, then you will find it in 5S.

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Introduction to Kaizen

Kaizen literally means “Good Change”, or improvement – a change for the better in your personal life, spiritual life and/or your working life. Companies that adopt the kaizen model are usually seeking to improve their processes in small, yet meaningful ways.

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The Art of Kanban

The word Kanban is something you may not be completely familiar with, but the actual process may be another matter. That is, many businesses and homes are already using an organizational system or methodology that is loosely based on Kanban, although they may not realize it.

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Free Floor Tape Samples

Free Floor Tape Samples

FREE SAMPLES! With all of our available choices for floor tape, we understand it can be tough to decide which type to use. To help you make your decision, we will send you free samples so you can see and test our floor marking tape before purchasing.

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Free Label Samples

Free Floor Tape Samples

With all of the labelers and labeling tapes out there, you likely have questions on which label printer and supplies to purchase. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the labeling system that works for you.

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