Using Kanban to Cut Costs

Kanban to Cut Costs

Looking for areas in your facility to cut down on wastes? Inventory is a great place to start. Maintaining and storing large amounts of inventory and materials is a costly task, you need to not only purchase those extra items, but you need to take up valuable space in the facility for storage.  When you are able to reduce inventory, you are in turn also able to reduce costs. Utilizing and implementing a kanban system …

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Kanban Cards – Six Essential Types

Kanban Cards

Improving Communication with Kanban Cards If you are looking to implement or improve your Kanban communication system, you will need to make sure you have all the right types of Kanban cards available. These cards are the main tool for this type of system, and actually give it the name. Kanban in Japanese means ‘instruction card’ or ‘visual card.’ These cards are typically (though not always) physical cards that are placed on or near a …

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Pull System – Kanban

Pulling tightrope

In generations past most manufacturing facilities worked by having the production of things start in one area and be pushed through the line until it is completed.  While this was certainly an improvement over the times when an individual would have to make each item from start to finish, it has proven not to be the most efficient option.  Implementing a pull system like Kanban you can reduce waste in a variety of areas and …

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