All About Floor Markings And Signs

The success of using floor signs and markings to prevent risks greatly depends on its ability to convey messages. Floor signs and markings have now become and integral part of any working place and are even required as a must have by law. A floor sign should be made out of very durable material that doesn’t’ wear out easily. This is because floor signs and markings are placed on areas with high traffic and the friction and regular usage of the floor can damage them if they are of poor quality.

Floor Signs Should Be Bright In Appearancefloor markings

so as to be visible to people using the area. They are normally made out of water resistant material so it’s okay to clean them. You should however avoid using tough detergents and products since this might cause the color to fade. They have a clean and clear surface so a simple wipe using a damp cloth or mob should do it. There are also some floor signs and markings that are made out of tough material that can withstand scrubbing.

Floor signs and markings are designed to suite and type of surface. They often come with very strong adhesive that can be used on both rough and smooth surfaces. You should however clean the surface properly before placing the floor signs. This is because the particles, dust, soil or grit, can have an effect on the floor sign or marking by reducing its ability to effectively adhere to the surface. It’s also very important that you educate and inform your workers of the different floor signs and markings before installing them. This will not only enlighten them, but will also inform them of the different messages and warnings that are conveyed by the floor signs.

Floor markings come in different colors and designs. You should assign each color to its specific function. This is because misuse of colors can bring about chaos and confusion. This can eventually lead to injuries and thus defy the logic of having floor markings and signs in the first place. Make sure that you and your workers are fully conversant with the different floor sign colors and it meaning. You can always indicate what each color stands for in the main working area so that the workers can read and understand them. You should note that there is never ample time to convey warning messages during emergencies and that’s why the quality of the floor markings should always be good.

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