Using Industrial Floor Signs And Markings

Industrial floor markingIt’s very important to consider using industrial floor signs especially if you operate in factories or companies that store or handle hazardous material. Although very many paths and routes that are meant to transport these dangerous chemicals are often pre-labeled, it’s still very important for the company or organization to have its own alternative procedure in effect for putting up floor signs and markings. It will be very hard and dangerous to navigate on an area that is not marked with industrial floor signs and markings. Industrial floor safety signs can be made for both long-term and medium use for warehouses, industries and large production companies. They are specially designed to withstand heavy traffic on smooth and rough surfaces with its strong conformity to surfaces that are uneven.

Reasons For Using Floor Markings

You should note that not all surfaces are approved for industrial floor signs and markings. This is because some surfaces may not be able to maintain the signs for the duration of time required. Some of the approved surfaces include outdoor and indoor use on concrete, tile marble, asphalt and vinyl surfaces. Decals are very convenient since they are able to adhere to wall and floor surfaces that are rough or smooth, unsealed or sealed.

Floor signs and marking are very important for warehouses, trucking and transportation industries. You can use pool decals if you want to maintain a safe environment. They are made from very safe, non-skid materials for durability, safety and attractiveness.

Installing floor signs and markings

Materials used to make floor signs are specially designed to be installed and be immediately walked on without peeling or tearing. There is really no need to phase of the area to allow the signs and markings to dry. This save a lot of time for the company as workers will be able to continue with their regular activities immediately the floor signs are installed. You may however need to clean the surface whether it rough or smooth before installing the floor signs. Make sure that you don’t install them on greasy or dirty surfaces as they mail fail to adhere. You will need to simply sweep the area or clean it and leave it to dry, peel of the backing and firmly stick it to the clean and swept surface. Compress the floor sign to the surface using your hand or a roller. The good things about floor markings are that they still allow the surfaces to be cleaned whenever they get dirty. You should always make sure that you regularly clean surfaces with floor signs so that they remain visible to users.

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