Common Color Codes Used On Pipe Markings

pipe markings

Pipes are very ideal and useful items that are commonly used to facilitate the transportation of various gases and liquids. Pipes can be made out of various materials including concrete, plastic or even a number of metals. The material used to make a pipe is actually determined by the use and functions of the pipe to be made. A pipe can be very efficient when used well. On the other hand it can be very …

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Aisle Tape Usage For A Better Working Environment

Aisle tape Usage for a better working environment

A working place is always harmonious and productive if its workers are subjected to the right conditions. You should note that proper working conditions don’t only involve adequate working hours and a proper pay. It also includes safety conditions that enable the workers to protect themselves from any harm while on duty. One of the best ways to enhance safety in a work place is by using communication signs and markings. Some of the most …

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All About Floor Markings And Signs

floor markings

The success of using floor signs and markings to prevent risks greatly depends on its ability to convey messages. Floor signs and markings have now become and integral part of any working place and are even required as a must have by law. A floor sign should be made out of very durable material that doesn’t’ wear out easily. This is because floor signs and markings are placed on areas with high traffic and the …

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