Using Labels and Signs to Send out Messages

As much as we would want to shout to a fellow workmate to warn him/her of incoming dangers, they are very many other ways to act fast and warn them of incoming danger. Some of them include the use of Label Makers, wet floor signs, 5s red tags, 5s posters, 5s poster, aisle marking, floor marking, floor sign and spill kits safety signs among many others. Labels and signs are one of the most effective ways of informing people about certain dangers in the place of work. They are also convenient for marking dangerous substances and equipments which might cause serious injuries if used incorrectly. They are a really effective and standardized approach to classifying dangerous chemicals and communicating to others. Adopting this method in your place of work is bound to have a far reaching effect on the existing standards of workplace safety.


lean-newsAdopting signs and labels in your place of work

Your workers should be conversant with the signs and labels used in the place of work for this to be effective. Don’t use complex signs that are hard to understand. It’s better to put up simple, clear words, other than try and be fancy by putting up images that no one has an idea about. It’s important to note that maintaining safety in your place of work is a serious issue and jokes should not be tolerated whatever the scenario. All your employees should be informed of the new signs and labels irrespective of their years of service or working experience. Always ensure that the signs and labels in the place of work are regularly cleaned. This is because dirt or stains that form on your sign and labels can give a rather misinforming message to the recipients. You should also note that the type of color used is very important. This is because different colors portray different messages with different intensities.

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