Untapped Resource: Employee Experience

Untapped-Resource-Employee-ExperienceWhile there are many factors that can cause a business to be successful, employee experience is probably one of the primary things which helps a company grow and expand. Although defined broadly, employee experience is essentially the familiarity with a business acquired by an employee whose time spent within the company has engendered a profound understanding of things like company products, services, policies, rules, and regulations. By learning more about how employee experience can benefit a company, business owners can begin to tap into this resource.

Experience vs No Experience

While there are a plethora of benefits that result from having a staff with extensive experience, one of the most prevalent benefits is that they do not need training. This is important since the new hire process typically incorporates a training period for new employees who need to gain familiarity with company policies and culture. This training period can often be expensive as the individuals who do the training are often compensated and use instruction manuals that cost money. On the other hand, individuals who have extensive experience with a company do not detract from the company’s time and resources because they do not require training.

In addition to saving companies time and money because they do not require training, employees who have experience are also an asset to the companies they work for because of the cross-training they often undergo. In many events, an employee may begin his career within the Human Resources sector of a business and-after mastering operations there-undergo training in Sales. Once this happens, the value of the employee increases as she or he can work effectively within multiple sectors of the business. This type of multi-faceted skill set can be especially effective in the event of emergencies such as no shows or employees who quit on the spot and thereby leave their employers in need of an individual who can take on their tasks immediately.

Employee’s Experience = Productivity

While many people are aware that employees with experience are valuable to their employers because of the likelihood that they’ve undergone cross-training, some people are unaware that such employees are valuable for another reasons: they can spot potential problems quickly. When an employee has spent extensive time with a company or business, she or he has likely gained profound understanding regarding whether or not the implementation of systems or policies will be effective. Because they have experience, employees who have been with a company for a long time are often able to quickly identify what will work and won’t work, especially if they have observed the effect of implementing certain strategies before.

Yet another benefit that employees with experience offer their employers is the ability to complete their jobs quickly and effectively. This productivity is valuable because it can translate into increased revenue for employers given that more work is done in a shorter period of time. As may seem plain, an employee’s ability to complete his or her job with a high level of proficiency that entails productivity results from having spent extensive time with a company such that the skills necessary to do the job could be mastered.

Image of Kaizen GuideIf you are a business owner in search of untapped resources that can take your company to the next level, you should know that recognizing and rewarding employees who have experience can be the key to your success. In addition to being able to perform the tasks required for multiple positions, experienced employees save their employers money by off-setting costs for training new employees. In recognizing how valuable employees with experience are, be sure to award them with monetary benefits and verbal praise when they have proven their worth. Doing so can increase both your own profits as well as employee retention. Good luck!

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