HR – Hiring for Lean Culture

HR-Hiring-for-Lean-CultureA company’s culture plays an integral role in how it implements products and services to gain and retain a stable and profitable client base. Like maintaining a machine, an organization’s internal culture should be consistently checked and refined to ensure that all employees are working towards clear and concise objectives that encourages quality control, profit, and the company vision and mission statements. A lean culture if often the best ideology to adapt under a variety of economic conditions, as it frequently yields the best result for the business that chooses to implement it.

What Is A Lean Culture?

A lean internal culture is just what it sounds like: Lean. There are no unnecessary policies or protocols to confuse or inhibit employees from completing their assigned tasks. All unnecessary functions, terms, rules, and other procedures are pruned to keep workers focused on realistic goals. This maximizes worker productivity by giving employees clarity as well as a drive to succeed. Other companies often allow their internal environments to become cluttered with a stifling amount of unnecessary red tape, in addition to allowing unhealthy practices to develop.

How Does A Lean Culture Benefit The Company?

A lean culture possesses many benefits, both tangible and intangible. Firstly, by only operating on the essential components a company needs to thrive, expenses are minimized. The more time an employee needs to navigate a policy-rich environment, for example, is less time that employee spends contributing to the productivity of the company itself. This results in slower production, which in turn yields lower profits. A lean culture also benefits the organization with regard to quality control. A fundamental aspect of operating lean is ensuring that all employees are following clear and simple directions to maximize productivity in a way that doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Lean cultures also do not allow for employees that do not meet the professional standards of the firm, which saves both time and resources. With a lean infrastructure, all employees, potential and current, know exactly what is expected of them, and that no allowance will be made for lapses in professional standards.

What Is The End Result Of A Company That Operates Lean?

Free 5S guide and posterThe most immediate end result is a quality and highly productive workforce. Labor is the lifeblood of every business. Operating lean ensures the company runs to its greatest potential. The dynamic of any particular market is fluid in nature. Operating efficiently allows employees to react to these shifts and respond appropriately, given the company an edge over competitors. It also attracts highly qualified workers into employment, and gives the company the means to identify and remove any part of the workforce that fails to measure up to a clearly defined standard of business. Companies with lean cultures foster a workforce that is of sterling caliber, and therefore foster success.

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