Volunteers and Temps At Risk

Workman falling over a safety barrier

Earlier this year, it was an honor to have our parent company, Creative Safety Supply support Habitat for Humanity in their efforts to open a new location in Seminole County, Florida. The floor marking tape Creative Safety Supply provided, enabled the workers at the location to create a safe, organized and pleasant experience for both shoppers and volunteers alike. With the amount of volunteer organizations and temporary employees  continuing to grow the need for collaborations …

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Top 5 Tips for 5S Success

Implementing lean strategies in any company is difficult, but it is something that most companies agree is worth doing. The problem is when companies do it improperly, the implementation fails and they end up losing out on the time and money invested. This can be discouraging for everyone involved at every level, and it can also make it more difficult for future attempts at change and improvement in a facility. Looking at the following five …

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Gaining Management’s Support for 5S

In facilities across the country and around the world people learn about 5S through their own research, attending conferences or educational courses. Once they’ve heard about all the benefits this system has to offer, they want to implement it in their own facility. When they present it to the management team, however, it often gets overlooked or ignored by those who need to give it their approval. Unless it is presented properly, 5S can seem …

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Setting up an Effective 5S System

Most organizations will recognize the value of 5S concepts when they hear about them, but in many cases they don’t know how to properly set a system up in their company.  When done improperly it can actually cause more problems than solutions which is why it is essential to take the time to plan out an effective 5s system before taking any action.  The following steps will help any company get started on the right …

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Global 5S Management

Global Industries using 5S

As the 5S standards continue to be adopted by companies around the world it is clear that the benefits from this strategy are extremely effective.  In many cases the facilities that implement the methodology from the 5S system are either stand along facilities or work in a fairly close geographic area. This makes it very easy to seamlessly get everyone on the same page in terms of how the standards are implemented.  If, however, you’re …

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Decluttering Your Workspace With 5S

Decluttering Your Workspace is important

Lean, Kaizen and 5S are not just for manufacturers 5S can create some hard divides between those who love and appreciate the peace and calm that order bring and those who, while not necessarily “loving” chaos and disorder, still feel more at home amidst piles of paper, missing tools such as staplers and rulers, etc. The following video is an example of how many employees might feel when the corporate leadership decides that everyone must …

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Kaizen Event Implementation – The Manual


Kaizen Events and how to implement them Because Kaizen is usually an event in itself, discussing the meaning and implementation of kaizen in a business setting, this book is both aptly titled as well as targeted. Making the kaizen event even more “kaizen-like” in it’s makeup is the direction of this writing by Geoffrey L. Mika. The 292-page book begins with the history of kaizen, laying an impressive foundation and understanding of the roots of …

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Ways To Improve A Product

Ways to improve a product with Kaizen

Ways to Improve a Product | Inside Intercom Source: https://blog.intercom.io/ Kaizen (??) is the philosophy of continuous improvement. Web businesses searching to find product market fit all follow some variation of Kaizen whether they know it or not.  Shipping code doesn’t mean that you’re improving … Adding New Features New features expand the scope of the product, often making a big marketing splash, getting a version bump, and resulting in some press releases. Often the …

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Incorporate the 5S Steps into the Business

Lean manufacturing environments are the areas that mostly use the 5S tool. It is a popular approach which has the main advantage of being simple to use. With lean thinking one will also find that the idea of a visual workplace is important. It is vital to organize tools, supplies and machinery, as well as create a space that can easily accommodate the re-organization of necessary and unnecessary items. 5S videos and 5S posters that …

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