Incorporate the 5S Steps into the Business

Lean manufacturing environments are the areas that mostly use the 5S tool. It is a popular approach which has the main advantage of being simple to use. With lean thinking one will also find that the idea of a visual workplace is important. It is vital to organize tools, supplies and machinery, as well as create a space that can easily accommodate the re-organization of necessary and unnecessary items.

5S videos and 5S posters that guide employees on how to follow the 5S steps as well as how to dispose needless tools and equipment items, can bring about numerous benefits for a business. Since everything else that is unnecessary is either discarded or stored, a business can receive greater efficiency via a workplace design. This will be via the first step; the sorting stage.

Additionally, this process focuses on organising work areas for utmost efficiency by organizing tools and equipment to enhance work flows by minimizing movement around the work area. This is known as Set in Order. The tools or apparatus should be placed nearby where they will be needed and used. 5S red tags can be useful in organizing where each tool should be kept.

The sweeping method of the 5S, relates to maintaining a disciplined, systematic approach to making sure that each work place is clean and tidy and so are the machines. At the end of every shift, work areas should be left clean and orderly, plus tools should be placed back in their designated areas.

In the standardizing element of the 5S, it will be required that all practices are followed in a uniform and coherent manner. For example, if there is a machine that needs maintenance, there should be a system that specifies what needs to be done, where and by whom.

Finally, the last part of the 5S is to sustain the system over time. Even though it may seem hard to accomplish, maintaining a strong focus will help prevent it from failing.

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