5S Audit Checklist for the Factory

Completing a 5S checklistThe 5S Audit Checklist helps to assess the organization standards of the office or the factory. This audit or score is generally based on the frequency, cleanliness, knowledge skills or level, strength of housekeeping, standardization degree, tagging frequency, and system approach of the organization; it is key to sustaining your 5S efforts. The 5S Audit Checklist for Factory is quick and takes only 7 minutes for completion.

Auditing Factory – Step Wise Process

The primary requirements of the checklist are to evaluate 5S in your respective organization.

Sort: This means removing what you don’t require.

Set: This means set the items in order and organizing a specific place for different types of equipment.

Shine: This includes processes such as painting, repairing, sweeping and fixing loose goods.

Standardize: This refers to defining the ownership and keep everything up-to-date.

Sustain: This generally means overall evaluation and includes checklist, scoring, self-discipline, checklist and feedback.

Essential Requirements of the 5S Checklist Process

  • checklist for the 5S factoryThe 5S Audit Checklist for Factory needs a reliable method to improve the workplace organization. This includes proper scrutiny of the items stored – documents, tools, supplies, fixtures etc.
  • The audit also includes broad evaluations in order to make operations simple. For this, the testing needs to be highly accurate and assessor should be able to evaluate to measure factors effectively to get the desired results.
  • The 5S Audit Checklist must have multiple angles, which include system configuration, knowledge level, audit frequency, strength of housekeeping, standardization degree etc.

A Quick Checklist
Expert auditors who are well trained and know how to evaluate clear performances typically can use a 3-minute 5S Audit Checklist for Factory. This is a swift and a practical method to evaluate organization standards and cleanliness at home, factory, stores and offices. This checklist includes 5 stages with 15 checkpoints.

Some simple guidelines to follow:

  • Go through the 15 questions and evaluate all conditions thoroughly and tick mark.
  • Mark “No” for expectations that not being met.
  • Calculate by adding yes marks and divide the total score by three.

The five phases in this checklist are as follows and all should be evaluated with an objective answer of “Yes” or “No”: 


  • Safety check.
  • Sorted Items.
  • Remove items that are not required.


  • Organize area.
  • Sort items with maximum space.
  • Return tools after using.


  • Remove trash and clean area.
  • Maintain tools and machines used.
  • Build good working conditions.


  • Define space for each item.
  • Spaces marked and labeled.
  • Standard documentation for each procedure.


  • Regular audit of area.
  • File Checklist and post score.
  • Identify deviations and assign actions.

Auditing these factors on a regular basis with an honest feedback results in improvement of factory organization and raises the standards of the safety in terms of efficiency, safety and orderliness. This method of 5s Audit Checklist for Factory can be used for any type of organization and is a quick evaluation method considering all the essential factors that are useful to keep the area up to the mark.

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