Enhancing Safety On Wet Floors Using Different Floor Signs

Wet floors offer one of the most hazardous conditions that can lead to very serious injuries. A wet floor is mostly dangerous since it reduces human stability. This can make a person fall and get hurt. A lot of flooring materials are mostly slippery and dangerous when wet. some of the flooring that are mostly dangerous when wet include, tile flooring, highly waxed wooden flooring and concrete flooring among many others. A wet floor should be avoided at all times. That is why one should employ the use a floor sign to ensure that users are made aware of the state of the floor. Most floors are often wet after a spill, if there is a leakage within the building or when they are being cleaned.

Wet Floor Signs Are Mostly Used

To signal the possibility of a fall. They are a very ideal way of making users aware of the instability of the floor. The term wet is not restricted to water on flooring surfaces. It can also be used to mean that the floor is painted or has been waxed. Using a wet floor sign in such an occasion means that the paint or wax has not yet dried. This means that you can slip and fall if you attempt to use the floor.

The people using the wet floor signs should ensure that they are visible from any point. A person should be able to clearly see the wet floor sign from any angle of approach. It is highly advisable to use more than one floor sign to increase visibility. You can place the floor signs on different areas of the wet floor. The floor sign can consist of visible words or just pictograms. It can also consist of both as long as it properly sends out the message.

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