Common Color Codes Used On Pipe Markings

Pipes are very ideal and useful items that are commonly used to facilitate the transportation of various gases and liquids. Pipes can be made out of various materials including concrete, plastic or even a number of metals. The material used to make a pipe is actually determined by the use and functions of the pipe to be made. A pipe can be very efficient when used well. On the other hand it can be very destructive and cause harm if misused and not maintained especially if it harbors dangerous liquids and gases.

pipe markingsMost Pipes Are

Place out of reach for safety purposes i.e. underground or through wall. However, for those pipes that are placed just within sight and reach, proper caution should be considered and applied at all times. Manufacturers will often opt to seclude areas where pipes containing dangerous substances pass while others will prefer using pipe markings. A pipe marking is a very convenient way to communicate to people and warn or inform them. You should always make sure that the materials used to mark your pipes are of genuine quality and won’t wear out or fade easily. You should be fully aware of some of the common color and symbols used to mark pipes. This will help you avert danger and stay safe at all times.

Pipes markings that are black in color with an orange label signifies that the contents of the pipes are not only poisonous, but they are also corrosive. Pipes with these colored labels often contain liquids such as acids and alkali.

A pipe marking that contains white with a label that is blue in color is used to symbolize gas storage reserves. These colored pipes often contain liquids or gases that aren’t that hazardous. However, you should still be cautious as its contents can cause harm when if they contact you.

Pipe markings that contain the color black with a label that’s yellow often signify combustible liquids or substances. These colored pipe markings are often used on pipes that carry content that is highly flammable. The color also indicates that the content is explosive one should neither expose it to heat nor light a cigarette near it.

Pipe markings that contain a white color with labels that are red in color signify pipes that have content that is not easily susceptible to flames. Such pipes often carry liquids such as water and carbon dioxide. You should note that more than one pipe marking color code can be used on a pipe.

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