Going Lean – Success with Streamlining

Many businesses these days are choosing to drop old habits and practices in favor of going lean. Even though certain processes and practices have worked for many years within a company, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are indeed the only and most efficient ways of doing things. When it comes to making changes, some business owners are reluctant to make needed modifications due to the comfort they experience in knowing that the business has had success …

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Kaizen Event Implementation – The Manual


Kaizen Events and how to implement them Because Kaizen is usually an event in itself, discussing the meaning and implementation of kaizen in a business setting, this book is both aptly titled as well as targeted. Making the kaizen event even more “kaizen-like” in it’s makeup is the direction of this writing by Geoffrey L. Mika. The 292-page book begins with the history of kaizen, laying an impressive foundation and understanding of the roots of …

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Applying The Concept Of Lean Manufacturing

lean manufacturing

Methods of Lean manufacturing have been around for decades, companies such as Toyota have profited from its implementation within their manufacturing business. Although there is no quick recipe when it comes to implementing Lean methods rapidly within a company, there are still common factors which successful companies share when it comes down to the way they have employed Lean methods. The Top Management Teams Of These Successful companies are committed to initiating, promoting and practicing …

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Enhancing Lean Manufacturing with IT

The reduction of waste through the use of Lean Manufacturing has been seen to be beneficial to various companies in particular those that are in the manufacturing industry. Lean thinking has become almost a religious affair due to the fact that conversations and philosophies surrounding the topic are given great focus, passion and intensity. As discussed by Gordon Benzie in The Increasing Role of IT in Lean Manufacturing, a hot topic amongst those discussing Lean …

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Going Beyond Lean Manufacturing

For many years, Lean Manufacturing methods have been implemented in various companies, and its history can be traced as far back as the 1800s. Andrew Nicholson for Manufacturing Times addresses what companies should do next, particularly if they are well advanced in their Lean Manufacturing journey. Such companies have applied Lean techniques across their manufacturing operations, which have helped them trim down on costs, increase productivity, and some have even sustained a culture of Continuous …

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