Keep Improving With Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is not a simple process, and it can become more complex as each stage is implemented in a company. However, whatever stage a company may be in when employing lean manufacturing, they should constantly be improving. Most of the time, companies find themselves in a stagnated period, where they encounter a ‘too busy to improve’ syndrome. There are strategies that can be used to keep improving during the lean process, as covered by Andrew Nicholson in Manufacturing Times.

His methods of improving involve examining a company, and if the company is seen to be inefficient and busy, it means that a lot of time and effort is being put into work, but there is very little to show for it. The first task to do is to tackle the most inefficient areas as rapidly as possible and in a way that will utilize minimal time and resources. This type of company will need high impact ideas that will decrease all forms of waste.

Another type of company could be Lean and busy, and this is very good for the business. The main focus for this business would be to sustain the Lean methods used, together with re-investing, innovating and searching for new ways to inspire excellent performance.

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