Kanban Guide Preview

KanbBan-Free-Guide-from-Creative-safety-supplyThe Art Of Kanban

You might not be familiar with the word Kanban but you are probably familiar with the process. Many businesses and homes already use an organization system that is loosely based on Kanban without even knowing it. Simply put, Kanban is an organizational system. The point of this, and really any organizing system, is to keep products running in an even manner. Kanban is a way of providing signals so that the process of maintaining inventory is simplified.

The word Kanban comes from the Japanese and means billboard or signboard. This word is used because Kanban relies heavily on cards that are used as markers for moving and replacing inventory. The whole system centers around these visual cues that help you maintain inventory at the proper levels so that you never keep to much or too little of your products or materials in stock. In order to use Kanban effectively it is important to understand a few other concepts related to it.

Kanban / Kaizen And The Five S’s
Kanban is an inventory system that is normally integrated with Kaizen and 5S. Kaizen, is also a Japanese creation, the word means continuous improvement. Companies that use the Kaizen system are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their operational functions.

What Are The Five S’s?
1. Sort
2. Set in order
3. Sweep
4. Standardize
5. Sustain

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