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5S Free Guide from Creative Safety Supply5S Guide

What is 5S? 5S is a systematic approach that brings greater organization to your workplace or your company. Many companies today, because of greater competition, are now looking  searching for a more competitive edge. If you are looking for something that will reduce overall costs as well as increase your sales and make your company more agile in an ever-changing business environment, then you will find it in 5S.

But 5S is more than just that…

5S increases efficiency, strengthens your competitiveness and increases a businesses chance of survival. While it appears to be a simple system, don’t be deceived. It has the capacity to create a well-oiled, organized and very productive workplace.

The 5S system is also not about cleaning up or eliminating old-school toolboxes. Rather, because chaos and unproductive employees can be a companies enemies; the organization and efficiency that 5s can bring, will be your allies.

5S, correctly implemented will help with:5s-interior-page
• Lower overall costs
• Better quality of product and output
• Improved safety and accident suppression
• Increased overall productivity
• Higher employee satisfaction

Whether looking at upper management or the workstations in the factory as positions that need to be strengthened and improved, the 5S system will quickly improve your bottom line.

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