16 Catch Phrases of 3P

Checklist for the Three Ps

2 min read What Does 3P Stand For? 3P stands for Production, Preparation and Process. This specific Lean design approach that has been hailed as one of the most powerful and advanced manufacturing tools you can add to your Lean culture. The method was first introduced to the U.S. by Chihiro Nakao, founder of Shingijutsu consulting and contemporary of Mr. Ohno. Nakao has been considered by many to be the world’s greatest production engineer, but prefers to be …

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Is Apple Lean?

apple - is it lean?

4 min read iLean The latest Apple product announcement event had people around the globe guessing and speculating about what was to come. The announcement came and went, leaving us with new apps, two new phones, and an updated platform with loads of new features. While most of what was released had already been leaked out by various tech sites, there was still a lot of hype leading up to the event. Apple’s product domination has leveled out …

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Is Green A Byproduct of Lean?

Lean and green gear and tree eco concept

3 min read It would pretty hard pressed to find someone in the manufacturing industry that had not heard of or worked in a Lean environment. Lean methods have been on the rise for the last two decades across many industries.  If you asked someone what they’ve heard or seen as a result of Lean, chances are they will tell you about increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved customer response times and an overall improvement in productivity. Slowly but …

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“Lean” 25 Years Later

Lean 25 years later

3 min read 1988 was an interesting year to say the least. The beginning of the Bush era in Washington was about to begin. Prozac was set free and quickly becomes the leading remedy for all depression needs. Parents still felt good about buying their children Pee-Wee Herman dolls. Chavez Ravine still echoes screams of regret as cars lined up to exit game one of the World Series early and Raymond Babbitt definitely stole the hearts of millions …

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Implementing a Successful Lean Facility

3 min read Many facilities which want to run according to the lean standards run into a few problems during implementation. First, the person who first proposed this change is often quite excited about the opportunity, because they had just learned about the benefits of lean standards. The second problem which will have to be overcome is that most people working in the facility will be resistant to the change. People are often against any change because they …

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The Gemba Walk

3 min read The pursuit of perfection is often met with obstacles that attempt to break down our path. The beauty of the lean path though, is there is always a tool for our broken path. We may get diverted, but with lean in our pocket we have the ability to continue on with our pursuit, without looking back. The gemba walk for instance is a perfect example of how one can use a specific tool to keep …

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The Improvement Kata: Part 3

time for improvement clock

3 min read The following is the third entry into a series of ongoing posts that dive into the Improvement Kata and how its methods can help improve your lean culture. The Improvement Kata and Lean With the current evolution of business it is more important than ever to embrace and implement a lean ideology into your organization’s culture. The first two entries of the The Improvement Kata series focused on defining and the overall process. This post …

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The Improvement Kata: Part 2

improve yourself

3 min read The following is the second entry into a series of ongoing posts that dive into the Improvement Kata and how its methods can help improve your lean culture. A Kata State of Mind Now that we have a basic understanding of the ideology behind the improvement kata, we can now jump into the nuts and bolts of the process. Everyday we face obstacles and challenges that we are forced to react to. It’s in our …

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The Improvement Kata: Part 1

Hoshin and catchball bring people together

3 min read The following is the first of a series of posts that will dive into the Improvement Kata and how its methods can help improve your lean culture. What is the Improvement Kata? Kata is a Japanese term describing a structured routine you practice deliberately, eventually becoming a force of habit. As a result, the kata pattern you develop becomes second nature; completed with little to no conscious effort. The improvement kata pattern is a “meta-habit,” …

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