6 Reasons Vinyl Chart Tape Should Be A Tool In Your Workplace

vinyl chart tape

Let’s Explore How Vinyl Chart Tape Can Improve your Workspace. Every once in a while a product or tool comes along so powerful that it has the potential to completely revolutionize the way you do business, turn old preconceptions over on their heads, and bring you into the future as an innovator in your market. Admittedly, vinyl chart tape might not exactly be one of these… BUT, it comes closer than you might think, and it …

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5S Supplies for Auto Shop

Auto repair shops are often in a perfect situation to take advantage of 5S strategies. These shops typically have a lot of different types of inventory, and perform a wide variety of different tasks each day. Since they are repairing all different makes and models of vehicle, not to mention the year, as well as fixing all sorts of things on each one, there are many places where waste can creep in. Using 5S supplies …

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How LEAN and 5S Can Improve the Productivity of Your Business

Every business is—or should be—interested in finding ways to cut costs and increase profits while still providing a quality product for its consumers. Many components of a business are essentially beyond a company’s control, so one of the only real options for a business that wants to lower its costs is to streamline its efficiency and productivity. Two excellent practices any company can use to increase its efficiency while maintaining a quality product are known …

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Six Sigma Certification Belts – Is it Worth It?

As more and more companies move toward six sigma standards, millions of individuals are evaluating whether or not they should attain their certification belts.  Companies are also looking at whether or not it is worth it to send their employees through the training necessary to earn any of the various belts.  This isn’t an easy question to answer, because you need to measure the costs (both in time and money) against the benefits that you’ll …

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5S: Commit to the Process

5S takes a commitment to excellence

The idea of 5S attracts a lot of “window shoppers,” who at first glance, become excited with the idea that they can transform their organization into a clean, organized, well working machine. However, turning their excitement into execution, is often times a challenge they are not prepared for. For many organizations, the challenge or lack of enthusiasm begins to set in after the third S. Once they have cleaned up and organized their facility, they …

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What are the Six Big Losses?

Trash bin with United States currency on white background

In the world of manufacturing there are several guarantees, unfortunately some are more welcome than others. The Six Big Losses are an unwelcome guest in manufacturing plants everywhere. They are the waste that robs you of productivity, opportunity, time, and money, without notice. The Six Big losses make no attempt to hide their whereabouts while providing you with hours of frustration and headache. To combat the Six Big Losses, you have to know the Six …

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Heijunka Overview

Overview of a factory at work

Toyota defines Heijunka as the overall leveling, in the production schedule , of the volume and variety of items produced in given time periods and adds that it is a pre-requisite for just-in-time delivery. The basic Japanese translation of Heijunka, is “levelization.” Why Heijunka? Production leveling, as it is also referred to is essential to any Lean facility in their pursuit to eliminate waste and improve their production efficiency. Demands frequently change and without the …

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Theory of Constraints: Part 4

Theory of Constraints

Welcome to the fourth entry in the Theory of Constraints series. Much of the first three entries covered the basics behind the theory, including a broad overview of the process and the Five Focusing Steps in part one, the Thinking process in part two, and the accounting method known as Throughput Accounting in part three. This post will now compare and contrast the Theory of Constraints and Lean thinking. Lean and the Theory of Constraints …

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Theory of Constraints: Part 3

Calculator and hand over blue sky background.

A major focus within the Theory of Constraints is on increasing sales, rather than cutting costs. To keep the focus on sales, implementers of the process use an accounting method known as Throughput Accounting. The following is the third entry in a series of posts that explore the Theory of Constraints and it’s methodology. Part one of the Theory of Constraints series, offered a broad overview of the process, defined constraints, and provided a simple …

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Untapped Resource: Employee Experience

While there are many factors that can cause a business to be successful, employee experience is probably one of the primary things which helps a company grow and expand. Although defined broadly, employee experience is essentially the familiarity with a business acquired by an employee whose time spent within the company has engendered a profound understanding of things like company products, services, policies, rules, and regulations. By learning more about how employee experience can benefit …

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