Floor Signs And Management

2 min read The safety of a working place often lies on the ability of the management to put in place proper working conditions. It’s very important for management to not only be prepared, but should also be fully aware of all potential angers that are lurking around the workplace. This is will help them in averting liability should one of the workers get injured as they would have been initially warned. Most industries and warehouse are noisy …

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Common Color Codes Used On Pipe Markings

pipe markings

2 min read Pipes are very ideal and useful items that are commonly used to facilitate the transportation of various gases and liquids. Pipes can be made out of various materials including concrete, plastic or even a number of metals. The material used to make a pipe is actually determined by the use and functions of the pipe to be made. A pipe can be very efficient when used well. On the other hand it can be very …

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Aisle Tape Usage For A Better Working Environment

Aisle tape Usage for a better working environment

2 min read A working place is always harmonious and productive if its workers are subjected to the right conditions. You should note that proper working conditions don’t only involve adequate working hours and a proper pay. It also includes safety conditions that enable the workers to protect themselves from any harm while on duty. One of the best ways to enhance safety in a work place is by using communication signs and markings. Some of the most …

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All About Floor Markings And Signs

floor markings

2 min read The success of using floor signs and markings to prevent risks greatly depends on its ability to convey messages. Floor signs and markings have now become and integral part of any working place and are even required as a must have by law. A floor sign should be made out of very durable material that doesn’t’ wear out easily. This is because floor signs and markings are placed on areas with high traffic and the …

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Why You Need Proper Marking Labels

2 min read Floor signs, floor marking and any other pipe marking labels offer the best from of warning labels that are very important in ensuring that a company or organization can protect itself from liabilities when injured persons decide to sue. People all over the world will file law suits against their employers or guilty organizations when they experience some amount of injury or damage due to inadequate notification of danger or some kind of product malfunction. …

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Using Industrial Floor Signs And Markings

Industrial floor marking

2 min read It’s very important to consider using industrial floor signs especially if you operate in factories or companies that store or handle hazardous material. Although very many paths and routes that are meant to transport these dangerous chemicals are often pre-labeled, it’s still very important for the company or organization to have its own alternative procedure in effect for putting up floor signs and markings. It will be very hard and dangerous to navigate on an …

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Increasing Safety By Using Safety Floor Signs

2 min read Safety floor signs are very ideal tools that can be used in any manufacturing setting to keep the work process flowing in a smooth order. An efficient and well planned warehouse, plant or working area will greatly benefit by having the safety of the employees put into consideration. There are very many devices ad tools that can be used to put a well laid plan on safety.  . Where Do I Put Floor Markings? The …

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Functions Of Pipe Label Markings

2 min read Whether you own a large manufacturing business, work at an industry or in a busy office, you have definitely in one way or the other seen or been in contact with a bunch of pipes that contain certain liquids or substances in them such as waste water, oil e.t.c. you might have seen a marking on the pipe especially if it contains substances that might be harmful to your health or destructive to the environment. …

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Effective Safety Measures Using Pipe Marking Labels

2 min read The generation and marking of pipes is often very important in any business for the purpose of safety. Markers that are put on pipes are very ideal in conveying messages to users such as pipe content material, preventive measures to keep the users safe, potential hazards and direction of flow of the liquid inside. Pipe marking labels are therefore very effective and convenient in keeping the pipe user and other workers around secure while operating …

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Your Guide To Safety Using Floor Marking Tapes

2 min read Your workplace should always be well organized so as to enhance safety for you and your workers. Once everything is put in place, everyone in your workplace can work with ease and get the job done without any trouble. It’s therefore essential for facilities such as hospitals, warehouses, laboratories and factories to make use of floor markings. This will ensure that hazards are always marked for the safety of the workers while all the equipments …

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