Checklist for the Three Ps

16 Catch Phrases of 3P

2 min read What Does 3P Stand For? 3P stands for Production, Preparation and Process. This specific Lean design approach that has been hailed as one of the most powerful and advanced manufacturing tools you can add to your Lean culture. The method was first introduced to the U.S. by Chihiro Nakao, founder of Shingijutsu consulting and contemporary... Read more

HR – Hiring for Lean Culture

2 min read A company’s culture plays an integral role in how it implements products and services to gain and retain a stable and profitable client base. Like maintaining a machine, an organization’s internal culture should be consistently checked and refined to ensure that all employees are working towards clear and concise objectives that encourages quality control, profit,... Read more

Why should we ask why?

Why Ask Why?

3 min read If you ever need a refresher course on investigative persistence just tell a toddler “no” when they really want something. While most adults are able to accept no for an answer, a toddler sees this as an opportunity for discussion and to find the real reason they were told no. How do they do this?... Read more

Lean Concepts and the 8 Wastes

2 min read Lean Concepts promotes the ideal of maximizing customer value while reducing waste. With lean thinking, an organization utilizes key processes to increase customer value while reaching for a goal of zero waste. The concept argues there are eight primary wastes throughout business, regardless of the industry. And the term waste doesn’t refer to disposables. It refers to... Read more